Monday, November 30, 2009

"Boudoir Doll" Free with a Lane Cedar Chest

If you do not know what a "Boudoir Doll" is or think it is something not fit for a family blog like this one, has some good information. This photo is undated and is the usual 10" x 8". The following information is printed on the back of the photo:

Anneman-Mott Studio
141 Jefferson Ave., Scranton
"Let Our Photographs Tell Your Story"

Here is a version with higher resolution.

Ballroom Scene

The photo itself is undated, but is obviously a larger and better preserved version of the folded "Photo / Poem" item from 1938. (See below for details.) The size of this version is 19" x 11" and required a special scanner. Again, thank you to the Weinberg Library at the University of Scranton. The little animals on wheels, such as the dog with the white face and the horse, must have been reused each year because they appear in other photos. You may notice two odd images in the black area at the top of the photo. The one that looks like a face is definitely made by pits on the surface of the photo. It does not appear in the version that accompanies the poem and the pits are obvious to the touch. However, the one to the right that looks like a clock viewed on its edge is intriguing because it can be see on the "poem" version. A ghostly clock can be seen in at least one other photo in this series. Here is a version of this photo with slightly higher resolution.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa's Window

This photo is appears to be the same window as the one with spectators listed below, but at night so it too is from 1960. (Note that Santa is in a different position indicating that he is animated.) It is the usual 10" x 8". Some of the other interesting features include a doll that proudly proclaims, "I can pose like a real live baby" and a "Train Schedule" that probably corresponds to store hours. Note that this includes Sunday hours from 2PM-9PM. A sharp eye will reveal a Bissel "Little Queen Housekeeping Kit." These details can best be seen in the version with higher resolution.

1960 with Spectators

This is the most recent of the photographs. It is dated 1960. It is also unusual because it includes spectators. Note the parking meter in the foreground. The size of the original, including a border which was omitted from the scanned version, is the usual 10" x 8". Here is a version with higher resolution.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poem and Photo from 1938

This photo and poem are part of a 12" x 18" sheet folded into fours. It is from 1938. The original is somewhat discolored. The photo itself is 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" including border. The poem does indeed describe the contents of the beautiful window though our window designer could have used a little help with the iambic tetrameter rhythm. This larger image of the poem will make it easier to read. Here is a larger version of the photo.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snowy Village

From 1947. This one is fairly large. The photo itself is 18" x 11" and is glued to a cardboard backing that makes the entire item 20" x 13". Thank you to our friends at the Weinberg library at the University of Scranton who scanned this for us. The photo studio must have been Prestwood because the name appears in the lower right-hand corner of the photo. The original has some damage in the upper right-hand corner. Check out the little animals on wheels. Here is a larger version.

Lionel Trainland

This one is dated November 24, 1952 and is attributed to Anneman-Mott Studio. The original is 10" x 8" including border (cropped from the scanned image). Note how the border of the window mimics an overhead railroad light tower. View a larger version.

Monday, November 23, 2009

'Twas the Night before Christmas

This one is from 1948. Like most of these photos, the original is 10" x 8". The border was removed during the scanning process. The white rectangle in the lower left-hand corner that says "Variety" seems to be superimposed. Its significance is unknown. Note the reflection of a lighted clock just in front of "'Twas." Here is a larger version of the photo.