Monday, November 30, 2009

Ballroom Scene

The photo itself is undated, but is obviously a larger and better preserved version of the folded "Photo / Poem" item from 1938. (See below for details.) The size of this version is 19" x 11" and required a special scanner. Again, thank you to the Weinberg Library at the University of Scranton. The little animals on wheels, such as the dog with the white face and the horse, must have been reused each year because they appear in other photos. You may notice two odd images in the black area at the top of the photo. The one that looks like a face is definitely made by pits on the surface of the photo. It does not appear in the version that accompanies the poem and the pits are obvious to the touch. However, the one to the right that looks like a clock viewed on its edge is intriguing because it can be see on the "poem" version. A ghostly clock can be seen in at least one other photo in this series. Here is a version of this photo with slightly higher resolution.

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