Monday, November 30, 2009

"Boudoir Doll" Free with a Lane Cedar Chest

If you do not know what a "Boudoir Doll" is or think it is something not fit for a family blog like this one, has some good information. This photo is undated and is the usual 10" x 8". The following information is printed on the back of the photo:

Anneman-Mott Studio
141 Jefferson Ave., Scranton
"Let Our Photographs Tell Your Story"

Here is a version with higher resolution.

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  1. It's absolutely extraordinary that these photos have surfaced. We owe Mr. Giancini and the Scranton Public Library a debt of gratitude for publishing these terrific reminders of not only my own childhood, but those of countless others. "The Household" was once a part of the triple "must visit" stores when my mother or grandmother (or both) took you downtown. You had to hit The Globe, The Dry, and The Household. Thank you!