Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Portrait of the Artist

On Monday we received a visit from Peg Munley. She identified her father in one of the photos. Thomas F. Hayes was the Display Manager for Household Outfitting during part of the era covered by the photos. He retired in 1961 so he was responsible for many of these displays. In this photo he is checking out his handiwork.

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  1. What memories these bring back. My husband worked as Tommy Hayes assistant from 58-60 right after graduating high school, so he probably had a hand in setting up the displays during that time.
    Household sold quality merchandise. My beautiful, unique engagement ring came from Household's jewelry department. We bought our bedroom suite and end tables there when we married. I am still very happy with them 47 years later. Their women's department sold the only nylon stockings that could survive office filing cabinets.
    The owners were wonderful and the employees were a great bunch of people.