Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Be sure to check out Vince Sweeney's comments on yesterday's posting. You will find some great memories and insightful observations. Vince asked to see the photo of me from 1966, so here it is. We have now posted all of the Household photos that were donated to the library. This site will remain active indefinitely, and I will post updates if we receive any new insights into these photos. The Albright Memorial Library will continue to pursue projects like this that preserve the past while bringing it alive to those who remember and those who are too young to remember. We are particularly gratified by the participation of the community both on-line and off. Thank you for sharing your memories...and Happy Holidays!

Scott Thomas
Albright Memorial Library


  1. The big question now might be; did you ever get the boat? Great photo! By the looks of things, The Globe had most kids' transportation needs covered, bikes, boats, trikes, and sleds.

    While I am sorry to see the last of the photos, I am very grateful for your posting them, Scott. A lot of folks have mentioned them to me via email, on FB, and in person, I only wish they'd take to time post and share a memory or two.

    One thought that has me hopeful for more is that The Globe and Scranton Dry had to have had "house photographers" back during their peak years, or at least some employee in the art department among whose duties were photographs to document displays and lay-outs etc. Where, we don't yet know, might be boxes of photographs memorializing downtown Scranton's retail history of the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

    Thanks for your time and effort, Scott. Happy Holidays.

  2. Thank you! This little project got good coverage. I was hoping that it would jar loose similar archives from The Globe or the Scranton Dry, but nothing so far. Your memory of how, as a kid, store exits were not where you expected them to be got me thinking. The Globe and the Dry seemed so vast. The escalators (one of them had wooden escalators) would take you up and up floor after floor straight to Heaven. Of course, you could go down too. I remember eating grilled cheese with my mom and brother in the Dry restaurant, looking out the window at the shoppers ascending and descending some with cigarettes hanging off of their lips. Yes, you could smoke in department stores in those days. Those old stores had soul. I can't imagine my seven year old having similarly sentimental memories of Gap Kids.

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