Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shining Village

Here are two different views of the same window. The scene gleams with tinsel and snow. It is undated, but judging from the technology of the toys and the design of the cars, it is probably from the very late 1950s or even slightly beyond. The rocket was also seen in this other window. One wonders how the villagers feel about a huge rocket poised for launch on the outskirts of town! Interesting toys include a "Wrist Radio" and play set of Campbell soup cans and utensils. Both photos have significant damage including ripped and folded corners. Here is the high resolution version of the closer shot and the more distant shot.

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  1. Great photo, I may be able to help narrow down the year a bit. The Red and Black Marx Electric Robot on display was marketed for Christmas 1955 and again for 1956. In 1957 the toy changed to a gray/burgundy version which would have photographed much lighter in black and white. Thanks for sharing these treasures, so much fun to see!